Abrasive Belt & Brush Finishing

Hammond Roto-Finish Polishing & Buffing Lathes are used for roughing (coarse polishing), polishing to prepare surfaces for final finish, buffing for removal of scratches and/or for imparting a high luster finish. They are available with single or variable speed and a single or double spindle.


There is a wide array of add-on equipment available to customize your lathe to your particular application, such as: Belt Head Guards, Buff Wheel Guards or Back Stands. All of these can be integrated with other Hammond Roto-Finish Machines to perform the task you are looking to accomplish. Talk to one of our representatives to customize your machine.

  • Cast Iron Base and Spindle Head Construction
  • Highly Customizable to Meet Your Needs
  • Available as a Buffing or Belt Polishing Combo
  • Wide Range of Power Options (5,7,10 & 15 HP)
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Built for Years of Constant Duty Use
  • Single and Dual Drives Available
  • Large Digital Speed (rpm) Readout


Hammond OD Finishers are machines designed for finishing the outside diameters of cylindrical parts. The OD Finisher is not a centerless grinder, but finisher. The machines can operate wet or dry using various types of media ranging from abrasive belts to wheels and buffs.

Finish quality ranges can be achieved to pre-plate or even buff quality surface finishes.

  • Highly Customizable to meet your needs
  • Capable of using Belt, Buff or Wheel
  • Wide Range of Power Options (1, 5 or 7.5 HP)
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Built for Years of Constant Duty Use
  • Both Wet and Dry Processing Configurations
  • Automatic Feeding Systems
  • Dust Collection
  • Filtered Re-circulation of Coolant


The Flat Finisher Machines are designed for removing light burrs or stock from flat stamped, laser cut and plasma cut parts. The machines use abrasive belt heads that can remove stock and burrs. Many times a planetary brush head is used in combination or singularly depending on the amount of burr or radius required.

Fine blank stampings are ideal candidates for our Flat Finisher machines.

  • Abrasive Belt Heads (configuration customizable)
  • Capable of Wet or Dry Processes
  • Planetary Brush Heads
  • Wide Range of Power Options (7.5 or 20 HP)
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Built for Years of Constant Duty Use
  • Permanent Neodymium Roller Platen
  • Inline De-Mag Capabilities


The Universal Belt Grinding series of Belt Grinders, manufactured by Hammond Roto-Finish are a heavy-duty, built-to-last product. A wide variety of configurations are available.

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