Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is a blasting media known for its strength and hardness. It is angular in shape and very aggressive.

Glass Beads

Glass Bead is a more delicate blasting media that is best used at lower pressures. It will not impregnate its particles into the surface that is being blasted.

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass is a blasting media that is angular in shape which is great for a variety of blasting applications. This material is great for outdoor use due to its environmentally friendly characteristics.

Steel Shot

Steel Shot provides a smooth polished finish. A larger sized shot will provide faster cleaning rates but the finish will not be as smooth and as polished as your smaller sizes.

Steel Grit

Steel Grit is angular when new but rapidly rounds off in use and is particularly suited to general cleaning purposes.

Plastic Blasting Media

Plastic Blasting Media is an environmentally-safe abrasive media. It is angular in shape which gives it a nice cutting action while avoiding damage to delicate substrates.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is designed for soda blasting equipment. It can be used in both dry and wet applications. There are over a dozen formulations designed to meet specific surface preparation requirements.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is angular in shape and extremely hard. These characteristics contribute to faster cutting speeds which will decrease your blasting times.

Corn Cob Media

Corn Cob Media is a soft abrasive which is used on a wide range of delicate substrates, surfaces and parts. It is very absorbent and environmentally friendly.

Walnut Shell Blasting

Walnut Shell Blasting is a softer media made from crushed walnut shells. It is angular in shape and very durable. This product will not etch or scratch the substrate of the surface that is being blasted.


Microbrite is a very hard and dense media. For burnishing and polishing.

Excellent flowing action. Must be broken in to achieve best results.

22 Degree Angle Cut Triangles

Provide uniform and effective finishing action. This media retains its basic shape throughout usage. Triangles are most effective on flat surfaces where they provide a maximum amount of surface contact. The angled sides provide better penetration into corners.

Triangles, Straight Cut

Provide maximum surface contact on flat surfaces. The straight sided shape gives a blocky action that helps maximize the cutting action.

45 Degree Angle Cut Triangles

Provide a sharper angle for better penetration into remote areas. The elongated shape gives better flowing action over the parts during processing.

22 Degree Angle Cut Ellipse

Combines the finishing action of a flat shape with the flowing action of a cylindrical shape. Especially effective on concave surfaces. The elliptical shape has anit-wedging characteristics that reduce or eliminate lodging problems.

22 Degree Cut Tristars

The basic capabilities of a triangle, along with sharp points for reaching into remote areas. A universal application media that can deburr hard to get at areas, such as gear teeth, slots or sharp corners.

22 Degree Angle Cut Cylinders

Designed to improve finishing efficiency and results. The cylindrical shape provides a flowing action maximizing results. Best for use on concave surfaces, rounded areas and holes. A durable shape for use on a wide variety of parts.

45 Angle Cut Cylinders

Reach recesses, holes and remote crevices with even greater penetration than the 22° angle cut cylinders. Uniform shapes is maintained throughout usage.


A new and versatile shape suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces. They have a cylindrical surface that mates well with concave surfaces, plus two flat surfaces that perform well on convex surfaces. TRI-CYLS combine strong points of triangles and cylinders, to penetrate into corners, slots and angles.


A smooth rolling action enabling them to easily roll around and through parts to produce cleaning and blending action. Will not nick or scratch parts. Spheres give good contact in rounded areas.

Buffalo Sandblasting