Airbrasive® Work Chambers

Also referred to as abrasive blast cabinets, they have been specially designed to assist in hand-held work. Made from enameled steel, our Work Chamber’s can be used with all Micro Abrasive Blasting Units and easily attached to our Dust Collectors.

These units feature tempered glass, hinged safety lid, internal illumination, screened flooring, and drop-down front panel for handling larger parts. Working access is through two front portholes.


  • Standard or microscope-mounting arrangements
  • Screened bottom to contain spent particles
  • Drop-down front panel for larger parts
  • Internal illumination (standard unit)

These chambers are designed for hand held work. Using a tempered safety glass top, fluorescent internal illumination, screened bottom, and conveniently sized port holes allow for easy access.

The enameled steel can be used with either laboratory or production models and should be connected to a recommended dust collector. Microscope-mounting work chamber is for use with 10X to 40X scopes.

Voltage 110 volt, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz (Standard unit)
Dimensions 24”L x 15”D x 13.5”H (Standard unit)
19”L x 12”D x 9”H (Microscope-mounting)
Weight 52 LB
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