Aquamaster CC

The Aquamaster CC conveyorized chain industrial parts washers are designed for cleaning parts placed on a dual chain conveyor, parts placed in fixtures attached to a chain conveyor, and parts conveyed on pallets.


  • As pallets are shuttled between workstations and for various machining operations, the parts and pallets can become contaminated with chips, coolant, and manufacturing soils, which can be detrimental to subsequent operations. Conveyorized chain washers can be integrated into the system for cleaning palletized parts and flushing empty pallets. Conveyor design, cell layouts, cycle times, and pallet transfer methods are all considered. Pallet stops can be incorporated for cleaning or drying of specific part features. Smooth pallet transfer and proper line speed is critical to a successful pallet cleaning system. Our chain conveyors are designed for handshake synchronization with other table-top conveyor systems to automatically transfer pallets onto the Alliance conveyor system for cleaning. This system effectively contains the wash solution, minimizing drag-out and directs the solution for proper filtering and recirculation.
  • In addition to cleaning palletized parts and pallets, conveyorized chain parts washers can also clean parts placed on fixtures attached to the chain conveyor and parts placed directly onto the chain conveyor.
  • Conveyor chain industrial parts washers are ideal for cleaning parts such as a piston, oil pump housing, oil pan, engine block, drive shaft, transmission case, brake rotor, camshaft, ammunition casings, and other manufactured parts.
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