Aquamaster CD

The Aquamaster CD conveyorized drum industrial parts washers are designed to efficiently clean and dry small, high-volume, non-precision parts where continual throughput is required. The rotating drum parts washers can accommodate a vast array of part sizes and configurations.


  • The perforated stainless steel drum allows fluid to drain quickly while internal welded flights and kicker bars convey parts through the system using a gentle tumbling action. Stainless steel load and unload chutes are standard on all drum-style parts washers. Drum diameter, machine length, flight pitch, and perforations are all sized based upon part dimensions, production volume, and application.
  • Alliance has engineered a large variety of conveyorized rotary drum parts washers for cleaning bearing fingers, screw machine parts, metal stampings, hydraulic fittings, and other small manufactured parts.
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