The Recipro-Blast® System creates a 360° blast cloud within a confined space. This can be done with different nozzle configurations, or with opposing or converging nozzles. The blast media erupts into a cloud which then cleans, descales, or peens the surrounding area.

Castings as well as machined parts with critical surfaces can be cleaned or de-burred using the Recipro-Blast® System.

A wide range of applications, and part configurations can be processed with several choices of blast media or shot, and varied pressure.

– Patented U.S. 7,063,593

Recipro-Blast® is a unique blast system which can:

  • Remove scale from internal passage ways or recessed areas
  • Clean core residue
  • Remove flash and burrs
  • Work where converging holes are present
  • Concentrate the blast stream in cross holes (programmable)
  • Be fully automated
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